More About Nellie

Here are my favourite resources about Nellie Bly. Without them, my trip celebrating the 125th anniversary of Nellie’s record-breaking voyage would not be possible. I am ever so grateful to the authors and webmaster.


72days by NBAround the World in 72 Days by Nellie Bly

Nellie’s own version of her historic voyage. You can download it for free.








Nellie Bly:  Daredevil, Reporter, Feminist by  Brooke Kroeger

Nellie Bly: Daredevil, Reporter, Feminist is the first and only fully documented biography of Bly and integrates a wealth of previously unknown information with a reporter’s zeal for the hard fact. It is the first attempt to give us this legendary figure in all her complexity: the most famous woman journalist of her day, an extraordinary American industrialist, and a compelling humanitarian. Hers is not only an inspiring personal tale, but the story of an exemplar of an age when American women were vigorously asserting their right–indeed, their need–to shape history itself.


80days_cover_largeEighty Days by Matthew Goodman

A vivid real-life re-creation of the race between Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland to circle the globe. From its frenzied start to the nail-biting dash at its finish, Eighty Days is history with the heart of a great adventure novel. Here’s the journey that takes us behind the walls of Jules Verne’s Amiens estate, into the back alleys of Hong Kong, onto the grounds of a Ceylon tea plantation, through storm-tossed ocean crossings and mountains blocked by snowdrifts twenty feet deep, and to many more unexpected and exotic locales from London to Yokohama.

Nellie Bly Online

Nellie Bly Online

Website: Nellie Bly Online

The brainchild of Arthur Fritz, a Nellie Bly fan and author

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  1. I was so happy to hear and see the name Rosemary Brown, as she was the first reporter to write about the problems farmworkers faced in Dade City Florida, I hope she sees this and will contact me,we lost track,and I will get the books and read about Neliie Bly….Blessings to you Rosemary Brown….margarita Romo Farmworkers Self-Help-


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