My Itinerary

I travelled 6 September – 8 October 2014.  My journey took me to:

  • Amiens, France – Nellie risked a time-guzzling deviation at the beginning of the race, sacrificing two nights of sleep, to accept an invitation from the author who inspired her own voyage. Her stopover lives on today at Maison Jules Verne.
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka – A nail-biting five-day delay found Nellie tempering her frustration with sight-seeing trips by day and balmy evenings at grand Colonial hotels that continue to delight guests. Kandy, Sri Lanka – She loved the Botanical Gardens there and so did I.

    Nellie stayed at The Grand Oriental Hotel in Colombo and so will I.

    Nellie stayed at The Grand Oriental Hotel in Colombo and so did I.

  • Singapore – Where she met the monkey that would travel with her around the rest of the world.
  • Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China – Nellie spent Christmas Day visiting a leper colony and an execution ground before eating her holiday lunch in the Temple of the Dead.
  • Yokohama, Tokyo and Kamakura, Japan –  Nellie compared Japan to Eden.
  • Jersey City and New York City, USA – By the time she’d won the race and returned to her home town, Nellie Bly was said to be ‘the best-known and most widely talked of young woman on the earth.’  It’s where she lived, worked, and launched her greatest adventure.
  • Washington DC – Where the Newseum features exhibits about Nellie Bly including the small satchel she carried around the world.
  • Apollo, Pennsylvania – Where Nellie grew up and started the journalism career that opened the door for female journalists around the world. I addressed the Apollo Area Historical Society when I was there.

I travelled by air on a oneworld Alliance explorer ticket.


  1. Rosemary..I enjoyed my first visit to your blog site; I assure that it will not be my last. I had no idea of the incredible adventures of Nellie Bly. I was particularly enthralled with the Hong Kong cemetery visit. I visited that same cemetery in 1988. At that time it was sans snakes but still in disrepair. I visit cemeteries wherever I find them all over the world. Two favorites would be the German Lutheran Cemetery in Valdivia, Chile..from a tombstone a translation from German: “When I can’t see you with my eyes ~Your picture stays in my heart. Once you have known me ~You will never forget me!” (much more of stomach punch in the original German). Another favorite was the American Missionary Cemetery in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India. On a weatherworn stone I learned of Dudley Linnell Sedowick, third son of of the late William Fellow Sedowick of Cashio Bridge, Waterford in the county of Hertford who was killed by a bison while shooting in the Pulney Hills. Rosemary, I will also be exploring Sri Lanka this coming February so I look forward on my next visit to your blog to reading the Colombo entry.
    Cheers! ¡Abrazos!……Michigan Schlief


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