In Nellie’s Words

Nellie Bly had a lot to say. Here are some of my favourite quotes from her book Around the World in 72 Days:

Nothing is impossible

“I always have a comfortable feeling that nothing is impossible if one applies a certain amount of energy in the right direction.”

No doubt about it

“If we want good work from others or wish to accomplish anything ourselves, it will never do to harbor a doubt as to the result of an enterprise.”


It will be seen that if one is travelling simply for the sake of travelling and not for the purpose of impressing one’s fellow passengers, the problem of baggage becomes a very simple one.”

Nellie Bly

Nellie Bly



“My head was so dizzy at times that I hardly knew whether the earth had a chill or my brains were attending a ball.”


My mischievousness often plays havoc with my dignity.


It is often little things that raise the loudest laughs.

Greeting the world

…”I had such a strong belief in the world’s greeting me as I greeted it that I refused to arm myself.” (when it was suggested she carry a gun for protection on her travels)


Fog in London

“I always liked fog, it lends such a soft, beautifying light to things that otherwise in the broad glare of day would be rude and commonplace.”