A Dozen Details

  1. My expedition honouring Nellie Bly is not a race. Nellie won it 125 years ago and I am merely following in her footsteps around the world to commemorate her amazing achievement — just one of many of her triumphs.
  2. I am travelling on my own, just as Nellie did. I aim to meet people and make friends along the way which was one of the greatest pleasures of her trip.
  3. I am taking one cabin bag slightly larger than the ‘gripsack’ that Nellie took. Don’t worry, I  won’t be wearing the same outfit for the entire journey as Nellie did, but will keep clothing to a minimum.
  4. I am funding the entire journey and have not received any sponsorship.
  5. I am following in Nellie’s footsteps by air. Sea travel is limited by the routes available and hostilities occurring in some locations. I am travelling on a oneworld explorer ticket.
  6. I live in London where my journey will start and end. From London I made a separate trip to Amiens, France to visit Maison Jules Verne, just as Nellie did.
  7. My itinerary is based on the destinations where Nellie spent the most time.
  8. The day that Nellie Bly set out from New York harbour, another courageous young woman writer left New York to travel around the world in the opposite direction in an attempt to win the global race. Her name was Elizabeth Bisland. You can download her book In Seven Stages: A Flying  Trip Around the World for free here.
  9. Nellie Bly was not a saint. I am aware of her shortcomings, but admire her just the same.
  10. In an attempt to offset carbon emissions from my expedition, I made a donation to Rainforest Foundation UK where I once worked so I know first-hand the role that rainforests play in countering global warming… and that my donation will make a real difference.
  11. With your help, I aim to raise money for UNICEF-UK to help the world’s most vulnerable children. I’d love it if you wanted to donate here. Thanks!
  12. My expedition is registered with the Royal Geographical Society and endorsed by Women in Journalism.

One comment

  1. Hi, our names are Eva and Allie. We noticed you took a trip to recreate Nellie Bly’s life. We are doing research on her currently for out NHD project and were hoping for information about her and her stays at the Blackwell Insane Asylum. If you have any information please e-mail us @aoegnhd@gmail.com We hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!


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