Journalist and Adventurer Nellie Bly

Journalist and Adventurer Nellie Bly

Flash back 125 years ago:  The sun never set on the British Empire, the Eiffel Tower was inaugurated and feisty journalist Nellie Bly boarded a steamship in New York Harbour and sailed into history.  Seventy-two days and 28,000 miles later, she broke the record for the fastest trip around the world and became a global celebrity.

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of Nellie Bly’s historic voyage (14 November 1889 – 25 January 1890), I re-traced her journey.

This spirited 25-year-old  American set out to beat the travel time of Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days.  Travelling on her own across oceans and over continents, she overcame sea sickness, freak weather and excruciating delays to circle the globe in record time.

Breaking free from prejudices that kept women ‘in their place,’  she made history her story.

As freelance journalist, world traveller and devoted Nellie Bly fan, I  followed in her footsteps as closely as I could. I am sharing my own journey through this blog.

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