Month: June 2018

Celebrate Nellie Bly and explorers past & present 21 June at London’s Royal Geographical Society

In the Centenary Year of Women’s Suffrage, Women’s Adventure Expo is celebrating female explorers and adventurers — past and present — in a special event at the Royal Geographical Society in London on 21 June 2018.

The Heritage of Women in Exploration pays tribute to women who, like the Suffragettes, demanded equality, left inhibition at home and journeyed through a man’s world to realise their dreams ; along with today’s women who continue to ‘push the boundaries’  through exploration and adventure.

Heritage event poster JunkoNellie Bly’s achievements will be shared along with those of other historical women like Victorian nurse Kate Marsden (1859 – 1931) who trudged thousands of miles across Russia braving sub-zero temperatures in search of a cure for leprosy; and  pioneering archaeologists like Gertrude Bell.  As well as today’s adventurers like British polar explorer Felicity Aston MBE, the first woman to ski alone across Antarctica who now leads teams of women from around the world on polar expeditions.

“We want to place female explorers and adventurers ‘on the map’ and celebrate their achievements, many of which have been lost to history,” said Tania Hughes, co-founder of Women’s Adventure Expo. “We are saluting their courage and resolve, and promoting them as inspirational role models for all.”

With inspirational characters, archive footage and travel accounts of courageous women, the daytime conference will shine the light on the lives of women explorers in a series of short talks and films delivered by modern explorers and historians.  In the evening WAE will present Felicity Aston on ‘Women in the Polar Regions – history through to the present day’. 

Tickets are available here