Month: November 2015

Nellie Bly in the Sky: the Book is Out

Nellie Bly in the Sky book cover

Just in time to celebrate the anniversary of the departure of Victorian journalist Nellie Bly on her record-breaking journey around the world 14 November 1889, I am publishing a free e-book capturing the memorable moments of my own commemorative journey. Nellie Bly in the Skythe book, is a compilation of the best of this blog, edited for easy-reading all in one place.  You can download it here.

Re-blazing the ‘Nellie Bly trail, this 39-page PDF format e-book includes photos, edited blogposts and appendices so you can follow Nellie and me without interruption if you wish.

In a tribute on the title page, Matthew Goodman, author of bestseller Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s History-Making Race Around the World says“I am absolutely amazed, and thrilled, to find out about your trip around the world, à la Nellie Bly, and to read your accounts of it in your blog. And, needless to say, to hear that Eighty Days was helpful to you in your travels. Just know how impressed I am with your travels — you’re a worthy descendant of Nellie (and Elizabeth Bisland) themselves.”

The book is due to be published as an e-pub as well thanks to enormous help from my friend David Olver.