Acadia’s Farewell

My 19-year-old daughter Acadia, a student at the University of Winchester, is not thoroughly convinced by my expedition; but none-the-less wrote me a sweet farewell letter. She said I could share it with you. 



Dear Mummy

Thank you for coming to see me in Winchester.  You’re leaving in 5 days!  Although I’m a little apprehensive about the trip and wish you were travelling first class, I am very proud that you are going round the world when most mummies are grey and boring and watching The Morning Show. So I guess you do classify as a ‘cool mummy.’

I am so jealous, please can we go travelling – my style — 5* hotels, spas, first class—when I’ve finished university?

On your travels, remember be interested, not interesting. Unless it’s in a sealed bottle, don’t drink it and if it’s not from a pack, don’t smoke it.

You don’t really tell me off unless it’s about the important things. You’ve always supported me, no matter how many silly and occasionally slightly immoral things I’ve done and you always seem to be right in the end!

I’ll try not to stress Daddy out too much and manage my money a bit better while you are away. Also I’m being taught to cook by my roommates so you might have competition when you get back – how I’ll survive without your shrimp risotto for a month I have no idea.

I love you lots and lots.

Wormie (my nickname for her because she wiggles a lot and loves to read books.)  

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